yamayuri / marumori /docor /doctorcoat /coat /yellow /yellowcoat/丸森町/ ドクターコート/ 山百合/やまゆり/Yamayuriドクターコート/黄色いコート/マスタード/ コート/人生の楽しみ/Make your day / スプリングコート/医療従事者へ応援/医療従事者へ感謝


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Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri”
Hope this will be your “Pleasure of life”

Body Length 42 1/8 43 1/3 44 1/2 45 2/3
Shoulder Width 17 1/3 18 1/9 18 8/9 19 3/4
Chest 41 1/3 43 2/3 46 1/16 48 3/7
Raglan Sleeve Length 31 8/9 32 2/3 33 1/2 34 1/4
Sleeve Length 23 1/4 23 5/8 24 24 1/3

We use stretchy fabrics and unisex designs. It is based on men's size. The sleeves, which are made a little longer, can be stylishly folded back.

【How to Care】
Products are treated with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment. By keeping the product clean with dry cleaning, the effect will be maintained and the product can be used for a long time.

Usually ships within 3 days after payment is confirmed (Excluding Sundays and holidays)

Shipping charges / handling charges
Shipping by domestic orders will be a flat rate of 1,500 yen. International orders will be charged 3,000 yen per order.

 Product returns will only be accepted if you contact us within 7 days after your order is placed. We will bear the return shipping costs for returns due to the Company's fault, such as the delivery of defective products or products that are different from those ordered. To exchange sizes, please return the Doctor's coat only and provide details and desired size from the contact page.

 *Notwithstanding the above, the following items cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged.

・Item that have been used
・Items that have been kept for more than 7 days after arrival
・Items that have been damaged or soiled by the customer

For You

“Yamayuri” gives you a “Pleasure of Life”
and make one of the best memories of life.

For you and your loved ones

Yamayuriドクターコート / 白衣 /黄色 /丸森町 /スプリングコート /伸縮性 /おしゃれ /プレゼント
Yamayuriドクターコート / 白衣 /黄色 /丸森町 /スプリングコート /伸縮性 /おしゃれ /プレゼント