yamayuri / marumori /docor /doctorcoat /coat /yellow /yellowcoat/丸森町/ ドクターコート/ 山百合/やまゆり/Yamayuriドクターコート/黄色いコート/マスタード/ コート/人生の楽しみ/Make your day / スプリングコート/医療従事者へ応援/医療従事者へ感謝

This Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri” has a Golden-rayed Lily color that feels warm and calm. It creates a special moment of your precious day.

When you think about the Doctor's coat, I believe that you would say it’s white. But, why is it white? I looked it up.

It seems that common knowledge of medical worker in the middle ages was people wearing “Black”.
Due to hygiene issues, awareness has changed to white. Now, under the influence of dramas and movies such as “Code Blue” (Japanese popular drama), white Doctor’s coats are changing into various forms. White coats are no longer the only type of Doctor’s coats available, but Scrubs with a separate upper and lower section are now going mainstream. Scrubs are sold in a wide variety of colors such as pink, blue, green, gray, black and so on. However, the Doctor's coat worn over the scrubs is usually white.

White is a color that feels cleanliness and dignity. But, I hear voices saying some people get their blood pressure higher in the doctor’s office when they see doctors wearing white (White coat hypertension). Also, some children start crying every time they see a doctor.

We believe the Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri” can help with this. Doctor’s coat is something that makes you motivated, especially if you have your favorite one.

We would be very happy if we could help you to make your important day more special with this Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri”.








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