yamayuri / marumori /docor /doctorcoat /coat /yellow /yellowcoat/丸森町/ ドクターコート/ 山百合/やまゆり/Yamayuriドクターコート/黄色いコート/マスタード/ コート/人生の楽しみ/Make your day / スプリングコート/医療従事者へ応援/医療従事者へ感謝


We hope that this Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri” will connect people and
make the world have more kindness and peace

The Great East Japan Earthquake, Typhoon in East Japan in 2019 and the COVID-19 disaster
What I felt was that ordinally days can be destroyed in a flash.
The fear of losing loved ones..

I grew up in Fukushima, and right after the graduation of middle school, huge earthquake happened.
The day I will never be able to forget.. “The Great East Japan Earthquake”
I went to the evacuation shelter as a volunteer and heard stories at the shelter.

An elderly man told me that his daughter had not been found
as she was working very hard helping other people as a nurse.

I still can’t forget the tears of the elderly man.
I didn’t know what to tell him, just kept listening.

Removing mud from photos at the town hall
The people who lost their houses, loved ones and memories, but still came looking for them.Stories of classmates
With an interest in the reconstruction of Fukushima,
I tried to help for reconstruction by working closely with residents in public housing.


is a business with full of things and thoughts that I want to do in my life.

12 days after moving to Marumori,
unprecedented disaster struck, and
The East Japan Typhoon in 2019 caused tremendous damage.
I went to the evacuation shelter every day, and
kept thinking what I could do.
At the evacuation shelterthere were always many healthcare professionals.
I would like to say thank you to them through this Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri”

Hope it helps people to have a conversation
Hope it connects happiness and kindness

"Make your day”

"Make my day"


This Doctor’s coat “Yamayuri” is not only for healthcare professionals, but also for daily use.
We will connect the kindness of heart not only in Japan but all over the world.








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